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Imperative Gaming in FB Messenger

Games always give us a different level of adrenaline rush, which makes us active and refreshing. With the changing trends, the way people used to play has changed and in fact, it has taken a completely new dimension. Right from playing in the indoors, backyards and outdoors, they have come a long way to where they are right now. There has been a tremendous amount of development in the field of games.

Social media is one of the mediums which have become prominent in the past one decade. Most of the people from this generation have been affected by it invariably. It has become one of the important for today’s youth to stay on the social media and stay updated with the changing trends in the present world. It is one of the biggest mediums through which millions of things can be shared and other things can be done as well.Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites in the world. In the recent survey, it is stated that there were around 1.79 billion active users as of third quarter of the year 2016. These numbers will increase in the coming years, it is a large media and spectrum for people to collect information and share things across the world.

Most of the users are glad of the fact that, they were able to find their long lost friends through this site. This site has a messenger of its own to send and receives text messages, images, gif’s, videos and lots more things. Now, there is a new update available with this messenger, which is the access to games instantly. We don’t need to wait for someone to respond to the text we have sent; meanwhile, we can enjoy the games which are available through the messenger app.

Gaming while Texting

Facebook Messenger has recently launched around 17 different games on the messenger app as well as the news feed. The games are really pretty amazing and loads rather real quick. There are different games available for us to try and challenge with the other users. Games have excellent intricacies, graphics, and designs as well; the interface which the game and messenger have is really amazing and interesting.

The moment a particular game loads, it will show up the details of the users who are playing currents and the highest scores achieved. We can compete with the users and have great fun with our friends. It is evident that the users have started becoming addicted to the wonderful and exciting games. This particular module of gaming has been recently introduced into the system and it is yet to be successful on a large scale.

A transition from Desktop’s to Mobile Apps

In the past, facebook made it big by making the gaming social for the desktop platform. It first started in 2008 with producing games for the desktop version of the social networking site. The launch of the games on the social media made a huge success and gave the officials great revenue and an ultimate reach amongst the users.

Over the years, the number of users increased and the people playing using the site also increased invariably. It is said that at present, the 15 percent of the time spent on the site is predominantly for playing games. This is kind of impact which the FB is having on its users and the fan base keeps increasing like never before.  Unfortunately, recently there has been a decrease in the revenue through the in-app purchase of the games.

Technology has seen an enormous amount of changes in the past few years. One of the changes is a change of platforms from desktops, personal computers to smartphones, phablets, and tablets. The user base has shifted from the big gadgets to the smaller versions of them. Now, people have started to use mobile phone apps for gaming and other purposes, instead of using desktops or laptops.

This is where FB decided to launch the games inside the messenger app, as it can regain the lost revenue for the games. The developers have re-modified the ways in which the games used to be available online on the messenger. Games which have been designed to be played on the Messenger may not have an appealing look, but it is definitely going to engaging and entertaining to the users.

Games on FB Messenger

The reason behind introducing the gaming into the messenger app is to get a number of players. FB wanted to regain the lost composure and revenue which it previously had for the games it made available for the users to play and enjoy. A game controller icon is available on the app and we can select any one of the games from the list of games available.

Once we choose the game, it will by default pop up on the single chat or group chat window. We can ask our friends to join the game and challenge them to beat the high scores on the boards. This will, in turn, increase the number of players and make the complete scenario even more exciting and interesting. In simple words, FB will be able to see a huge amount of profit and success from this new feature of gaming on the messenger app.

Instant game on the messenger app is presently available across 30 different countries. Once the reach in the respective countries gets bigger and better, then it would be made available in all the other countries as well. The best games which are presently trending on the app are Galaga and Space Invaders. It has innovative, creative and fun filled elements, which will keep the users engages.

The Future for Tech Geeks at FB Messenger

Presently the instant game on the messenger app does not have any in-app purchase modules. It is available as a normal game for the users to play and does not sport a purchase option for the users. The developers have developed the games for the messenger app to bring in a number of users to the site. It does not have any kind of advertisement pop-ups as well.

In the near future, it is expected that the gaming sessions will have ads and in-app purchase available as well. With the help of this kind of approach, the techies will be able to make some money out of it. The present focus of the developers is to bring a huge number of users towards the instant gaming zone on the messenger app. Once they are successful in doing so, then they will be able to make good revenue out of it.



Final Thoughts

In today’s world, the most enthralling and exciting things to do is, getting adventurous or going online and exploring things. The world has drifted itself to the extent, where everything revolves around the fact of being surrounded by the technology. It has become an essential thing in the existence of the human race and it has even become the driving force.

Facebook is reaching billions and billions of the population and the new feature of the instant game is going to take it to a completely new level. The officials at FB are planning to provide their users a scintillating experience with this new Add-on feature in their app. Just sending messages using the app is not going to be the norm anymore. It is replaced with the games and it will take a new dimension for a better tomorrow and a better future. The game has just started folks, we have got a long way to go and make it bigger and better in the years to come.

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