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Is the Source Code for Taxi App Solution Important?

Ever since app clones have hit the market there has been a major hullabaloo about whether cloning is legal or not, whether people should buy it or not and whether cloned apps were just a fad or not. Well, let’s examine all these doubts closely to get a better understanding of what app cloning is and what is the significance of Uber clone source code.

What is an app clone?

Just like the name suggests, a clone is a replica. When a large company, say, Uber for example, happens upon an idea, it develops an app from scratch to manifest into the idea. The app takes form slowly and steady crossing one hurdle at a time and making tiny steps forward.

Everytime they hit a snafu, there are extensive studies conducted, lots of time and money is dedicated on research and finally that issue is resolved to create a final product. This final product is the mobile application that we see.

But now that idea is out in the open. Millions of people have used it, tried it and know its pitfalls and shortcomings. This becomes an excellent (and legal) reason for people to reverse engineer the app. Expert level developers clone the entire system of the application, thereby creating a very similar yet advanced app.

Is cloning legal?

Absolutely. Unless there is a patent or any trademark on the technology, there is no problem in cloning apps. It has to be done with the proper procedures and if done so it can be bigger success story than the original app. The thing about buying cloned app is that you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of trial and error that the original app had to go through.

The things that involve copyright are designs, arts, sounds and music. This means, you can an Uber taxi clone but you have to make sure that the logo is different, the colors are different, and the notification sounds are different and so on and so forth. If that is all in place there will be no issue at all.

How to know for sure?

The best way to know that you are headed in the right direction is to ask for a license. You can avail a license for the domain so that you are absolutely certain about the legality of the app. There are many companies in the world who are offering licensed clones so that you can purchase them easily and launch them as your own business under your brand name with your own logos.

Why do you need the source code?

The source code of an application is essentially the bare bones of the app. If you have the open source code, you can modify it as per your convenience. It is the key. If you don’t have it, your app is locked. It will never change as per your wish.

What we are trying to explain is, say you buy uber clone app and you like it very much. Maybe in a year or so a new technology is introduced in the market. If you want to integrate it in the application, you will need the source code (and of course a decent developer with the knowledge of the technology). Without it, that’s not going to be possible.

Buying a taxi app solution with the Uber clone source code

Uber has by far been the most successful taxi app till date. People absolutely love it. It has a very loyal user base. But there are too many countries in this beautiful world. There are too many places that need such taxi services that we haven’t been able to provide.

That is your opportunity to launch your own taxi service in the market with the help of the Uber clone source code. Because it is a tried and tested app, it is going to be well accepted in the market. And, because it is launched in a region that doesn’t have too much competition, your taxi app solution is going to earn a big loyal user base. Ensure that you have the licensed source code for one domain. You don’t want to get into any legal crosshairs with your brand new business!

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