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5 Best Website to Watch and Earn Money From YouTube

If you like to watch videos on Youtube, you can earn 30 thousand rupees per month using this hobby. To do this work you only need to have two things. One internet connection and second, some time to watch the video everyday

1. ( Rs. 200/hr )

On this site you get 30 seconds of watching YouTube videos, money to comment on it. To increase the earnings, the YouTube channel can be subscribed to subscribers and friends and refer to subscribers. From this, you can earn up to 200 rupees per hour.
If you want you can do all these things at one go or if you want to sit at different times and complete this task. After 7 days of depositing the amount of Rs 670 in the site’s account, the PayPal account is paid to you.

2. ( Rs. 250/hr )

Apart from watching videos in swagbucks, you can earn money through surveys too. Swagbucks offers points from one SB to 30 SB to see every click and video.
After earning 500 SB, you can get 250 rupees Flipkart and Amazon’s Gift Cards and buy your favorite items. There will be more SB points, you will get the same amount of Gift Card.

3. ( Rs. 67/hr )

This advertising agency site pays you 0.005 cents per click (US $) per click.
In such a situation, if you do 200 clicks on video, advertisement and website page in one day, then you can earn Rs. 67 per hour.
You can increase your earnings several times by paying a reference and shopping on a website that appears on the site.

4. ( Rs. 67/hr ) 

On the sucessbox, you do not get the money to watch the video, but you also get money to sign up and just click.This site of the Ed Agency gives you a chance to earn from 0.1 cents a dollar for each click.
The best thing about the site is that it sends at least 67 rupees in your account, and then sends it to PayPal’s account. Remove whatever you want or keep increasing your earnings.

5. ( Rs. 33/hr )

After installing this app on your smartphone, you will do anything, even if you do not do anything. This app can be made up to 33 rupees per hour. The biggest feature of this app is that it only uses your smartphone’s lockscreen. This means that when your phone screen is locked, the ad will remain on it and money will be credited to your account as soon as you swipe to unlock.
Before taking this task, pick one or two sites at your convenience and keep them focused. This will allow you to spend more time, if you can get better income.
These online sites pay according to the seconds. In this way the more videos you watch, the more benefit you get. Therefore, decide for two to five hours every day for this work, and in the meanwhile, do not do anything other than living on these sites.


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