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BidVertiser-Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

When it comes to making money from a blog, Google AdSense is one of the best blog monetization programs available.

Currently, Google AdSense is dominating the cyberworld. But I have seen many people getting banned from Google AdSense without any valid reason and looking for some adsense alternatives to make money. A good solution is to start looking for some of the best Google AdSense alternatives.

I have tried Bidvertiser a couple of years ago on one of my websites after losing my adsense account. I made $7.00 in the first 24 hours I set up my blog and add space.

Promote your Website with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks.

Bidvertiser is a healthy alternative to Google and the best part is that it pays via PayPal.

  • Very easy to join and use.
  • Low payout level of 10$.
  • Payment is done via PayPal.
  • Highest Bidder ads always displayed first in your web site.

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